We are SeSo

SeSo utilizes Blockchain technology to solve the inability of secured lending in emerging economies. We aggregate land and credit data for our clients to easily analyse risk during the lending process. As the lending market increases and land titles are secured by the interests of the financial institutions, a digital land registry will be developed through our platform that is facilitating these digital transactions. We are confident our solution has the capabilities to unlock the trapped capital in emerging markets through facilitating investment into land and property.

Problems Solved

In emerging economies throughout the world land records are stored in paper. Without available access to land and credit information financial institutions do not have the capabilities to efficiently provide lending. Additionally, property construction cannot meet the housing demand due this uncertainty in land ownership and credit worthiness. We aim to solve these issues through providing a platform for financial institutions to analyse land and credit information then utilize Blockchain smart contracts to increase land transactions.

Our Products

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Stirling House, Denny End Rd, Cambridge CB25 9QE, UK
Email: info@seso.global