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Block-chain based property registry

cape town, south africa

About The Work

The use case aims to solve South Africa’s titling problem by developing a blockchain solution that allows data to be stored in a decentralised, secure database which can be updated without any loss of historic data.

The vision is to integrate this record into the Deeds Registry and unlock access to mortgages and other benefits for beneficiaries of the South African government’s Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP).

In partnership with The Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa (CAHF), a not-for-profit company with a vision for an enabled affordable housing finance system in countries throughout Africa and 71point4, a strategic research consultancy specialising in consumer-focused, data-driven research in potentially transformative sectors, including housing, financial services and healthcare.

This is the first working example of a blockchain-based property registry in South Africa.


  • Create a digital process to enable the registration of title deeds.
  • Create an immutable record of property owners.
  • Utilise the Seso platform to facilitate and record purchase and sale transactions, and out of deceased estates.
  • Integrate with third parties who facilitate transactions, including mortgage lenders.

The pilot study area consists of almost 1,000 properties under the RDP, located in four sites in Makhaza, Khayelitsha.

All the properties are Government subsidised properties that have not yet been registered on the Deeds Registry.

How does it work?

  • A register of property owners was compiled over a 2-month period via door to door visits to gather ownership data and capture supporting documents.
  • This information was then fed into the Seso Global platform.
  • The Transaction Support Centre (TSC), a walk-in housing advice office, utilizes the Seso platform and citizens can access the services in person.
  • The Seso app allows users to manage their documentation and transactions digitally.
  • In addition to the registry function, the Seso platform documents purchase and sale transactions and integrates with third parties to enable land services such as mortgages and conveyancing.


Over 1,000 properties have been recorded onto the Seso platform and over 250 properties have begun their title deed registration process, which they didn’t have prior. 


The platform will be expanded in 2020 to over 5,000 properties in Khayelitsha with plans to expand across South Africa.