Seso Property Developer CRM

Helping You Manage Sales, Growth and Digitization

Real Time Sales Dashboard

Access real time sales data through the Seso Dashboard. This will enable our Property Developer Clients to instantaneously access and understand the major data metrics that effect their business.

Manage Your Sales Pipeline Through to Conversion

Manage incoming sale leads through all digital and virtual channels and assign them to internal and external sales representatives. Information on buyers can be categorized to streamline the nurturing and conversion stages of the sale.   

Digitize the Process to Focus on Sales

Documentation that relates to property ownership can be stored and hashed onto the Blockchain. Such information can then be digitally assigned to relevant professional services providers during a transaction to satisfy the buyers legal requirements. This greatly reduces the administrative costs of processing a transaction whilst maintain the highest levels of security. 

Direct Access to the Seso Marketplace… and Beyond…!!!

The Seso CRM leads directly onto the Seso Marketplace where their properties will be shows to the world. Indeed through the Seso CRM property developers can market on any number of other sales marketplaces in order to secure sales.

Seso CRM Features Include:

Sales lead management and categorization​

A breakdown of property listings​

Digitization of property ownership documents.​

Users can upload their properties directly onto the Seso marketplace were buyers can buy the properties as advertise. ​

Set up and manage instalment payments.

Task Management. ​